Pre-order the new book - More Recipes & Stories As We Navigate Healthier Eating

More Recipes & Stories As We Navigate Healthier Eating
More Recipes & Stories As We Navigate Healthier Eating

Catherine Schmuck

More Recipes & Stories As We Navigate Healthier Eating

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We are excited to take pre-orders for our next book "More Recipes and Stories as we Navigate Healthier Eating".
We are accepting pre-orders until June 1st for the first printing. Shipping will commence five to six weeks after that.
The new cookbook will be available in stores late summer 2024. We look forward to book signings/meet and greet in the fall of 2024. We will keep everyone updated. 

Book Description

Navigating our way to Healthier eating

Whether cooking at home for family and friends or onboard a ship cooking for the crew, I am always trying to offer a healthier option.  This book is an opportunity to show you how we prepare our favorite recipes and how we navigate our way to a healthier eating lifestyle incorporating real, whole foods. Both Lorraine and I lost over 100 lbs by making lifestyle changes and updating the recipes we love. All the recipes in this book are prepared without refined sugar, flour and grains. This is not another diet cookbook, because diets don’t work.

Like my first book, Recipes & Stories as I Sail Through My Day, I am including stories, life on a cargo ship and the meals I serve.  I prepare the recipes in this book onboard for those who are choosing to make better choices.  Some of these recipes have even become the most requested meals when I ask “What would you like for supper?”

You can navigate your course to success. It is easier than you think!

Lorraine and I have each lost over 100lbs!

A Message from Catherine

Welcome to my Ship to Shore Chef page. I am so excited to have sold over 5,000 books. I am thrilled each day when I receive messages that books have been delivered and that the book is so much more than expected. I enjoy seeing where the book has traveled. It has been delivered all over Canada and the USA. It has found its way to customers in Europe, and Australia. I also enjoy the pictures of the recipes people are trying first. You can read comments about the book and follow my adventures of cooking and life onboard the ships on Facebook Ship to Shore Chef.