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Ship to Shore Chef Book
Ship to Shore Chef Book
Ship to Shore Chef Book
Ship to Shore Chef Book

Catherine Schmuck

Ship to Shore Chef Book

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Book Description

I have the most exciting job cooking and serving the crews on cargo ships. I love to look out the porthole at the ever-changing view and cook for the simple joy of cooking. I approached writing this book like preparing a meal, choosing my favorite ingredients, and adding enough flavor, seasoning, and spices to satisfy the palate. Like the plates of food that I fill to capacity, these pages are spilling over with stories, recipes, photos, and love. I invite you to open my book take a trip through my adventures sailing the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence Seaway, including Atlantic Canada and Newfoundland. I welcome you to enjoy our family recipes that I have perfected along the way. My two passions, cooking and sailing on a ship, led me to become a first-time self-published independent author. My cookbook "Ship to Shore Chef" is more than a cookbook; it is my opportunity to share my memories, passions, and experiences.

Made with love,

Chef Catherine

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A Message from Catherine

Welcome to my Ship to Shore Chef page. I am so excited to have sold over 5,000 books. I am thrilled each day when I receive messages that books have been delivered and that the book is so much more than expected. I enjoy seeing where the book has traveled. It has been delivered all over Canada and the USA. It has found its way to customers in Europe, and Australia. I also enjoy the pictures of the recipes people are trying first. We have placed an order with the printer for the next 500 books, and we will be happy to send you your copy. You can read comments about the book and follow my adventures of cooking and life onboard the ships on Facebook Ship to Shore Chef.