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The Stowaway Adventures Children's Book
The Stowaway Adventures Children's Book

Catherine Schmuck

The Stowaway Adventures Children's Book

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Book Description

Mitchell Mouse finds fun and adventure as a stowaway on a cargo ship. Along the way, he meets Chef Catherine and together they sail through the Great Lakes and St Lawrence Seaway. Experience the day-to-day life on board as the ship carries a load of grain from Thunder Bay to Quebec City. Hard cover 11" x 8 1/2, 50 page book with beautiful illustrations.

About the Author

Catherine has cooked on cargo ships for many years Her love of sailing, cooking and photography is shared in this book. The illustrations in the book are painted using photos from her personal collection taken throughout her sailing career. Catherine is a cook, blogger, Cookbook author, and now a children's book author. Enjoy Mitchell Mouse and his adventures.