Ship To Shore Chef Calendar
Ship To Shore Chef Calendar
Ship To Shore Chef Calendar

Catherine Schmuck

Ship To Shore Chef Calendar

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2025 Calendar coming June 2024!


Spend 16 months (September 2023 - December 31 2024) looking through Catherine’s porthole as she sails through the Great Lakes, Rivers, St Lawrence Seaway, and Atlantic Coast. The calendar includes both Canadian and US holidays for the ship enthusiast on the north and south sides of the border. This 11.25  x 9 1/4 spiral 16-month calendar hangs nicely and features the porthole photos that Catherine took over the past two years. The photos have not been touched up so that you can experience the authentic feel of what it is like to see the ever changing scenery through a porthole. Enjoy!

(The calendar will be available for purchase online from May 29th to July 1st 2023. The calendars will be shipped out in August 2023. If you order a book at the same time as the calendar we will ship the books when the calendar is ready. If you would like your book sent right away you can place a separate order for the book. Thank you for your purchase.) 

About the Author

Catherine has cooked on cargo ships for many years. She has a love of sailing, ships and photography and shares that love in this calendar. Catherine has shared many porthole photos on her daily bog and in the calendar are her follower's favorites. Catherine is a cook, blogger, Cookbook author, children's book author and was a restaurateur for 24 years. You can follow Catherine's adventures on Facebook Ship to Shore Chef.